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Conflict Of Interest

  Download: Conflict of Interest Questionnaire


Texas Local Government Code Chapter 176 requires that any vendor wishing to do business with Amarillo Junior College District must fill out the referenced Conflict of Interest Questionnaire form and return it as indicated in the Purchase Order.

This law requires you to disclose any family, employment or business relationships with any of the below listed local government officers or any gifts provided to them (other than food, lodging, transportation, or entertainment accepted as a guest)  with an aggregate value of more than $2500 to the officer  (or family member) in the previous 12 months. Covered transactions include services or property.

  • Texas Buckhaults, President
  • Edwin Campbell
  • Ruth Robinson
  • James Shelton
  • Susie Sheilds
  • Darlene Speirs
  • Tommy Waldrop
  • Jerry Woodard